The campus, committed to education with a purpose, is known as a Smt. Dhariniben Shukla Education Campus. Just 15 kilometers away from the sakshar Bhumi Nadiad and 30 kilometers from Ahmedabad. It has made its distinct identity in the sector of education in the last ten years.
To support the poor background students we are always ready to help them.
In our institute 5% students study free of cost. 35% students study on half(50%) fees and other 35% students study on scholarship , the scholarship is approved in end of the year till then students are study free of cost  and the rest of the students are provided with the installments.
Its lush green trees, peaceful ambience and pollution free climate have attracted many from various corners of the globe.
The city has all the amenities and facilities to evolve and expand quality life amongst the students. The town is the synthesis of varied cultures from across the Gujarat, thereby fostering an environment of creativity among the student citizens.
Those who stay here always cherish their golden moments of life on the campus. Today the campus has compounded in strength and consolidated itself to take on the challenges of the emerging future.
Under the dynamic leadership of Smt.Dhariniben A. Shukla, President Hiraba Kelavani Trust. The investment in during the last decade has touched $1 million with new and emerging courses & program such as School Education, P.T.C., Bachelor of Education and Master Of Education.